Electric Car Performance Reviewed 2020

Electric cars are becoming more affordable each year as production volumes and competition of market forces make these items more affordable.

Is this the time that you should consider switching to electric and do your bit to save the planet?

We look at some of the recent press and reviews of electric car performance and battery improvements.



Not a very realistic scenario — but an interesting result

SLOWLY but surely, the concept of “range anxiety” is becoming less of a concern for aspiring buyers of pure-electric cars. New, more powerful public charging points and improvements in vehicle technology mean battery-powered models are able to go further between charges than ever before.

However, while many electric cars on sale today can be driven more than 200 miles between charges, can the manufacturers’ claimed ranges be achieved in the real world, and exactly how accurate are they? Also, what happens once each electric car runs out of charge?

These are questions to which the team at carwow wanted answers, and so editorial director Mat Watson assembled six popular pure-electric models for an epic drive north from London. The convoy hit the motorways and each driver promised to keep going until their car ran out of juice — a test Watson admits in the video isn’t reflective of the experience of electric vehicle (EV) owners, who’re usually not stupid enough to voluntarily let their vehicles completely drain their batteries. The motivation seems to have been more curiosity than the assumption that this is something you’re likely to experience after buying an EV.

The sextet of models covered a broad spectrum of the UK’s current electric car market, ranging from mainstream models such as the Nissan Leaf hatchback and Kia e-Niro family SUV to premium offerings including the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model 3.

To ensure the test was as fair as possible, the route would be run in convoy at a consistent pace on motorways, and all of the cars had their batteries fully charged overnight.

Real-world range of six electric cars revealed