Benefits of a Green Home Energy Solution with Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

how wind turbines workBenefits of a Greener Home with Wind Energy
Worldwide there is now much more recognition of the benefits of solar power and wind power energy but are we making enough use of home wind turbines?
Whereas  a few years ago you would have struggled to see a solar panel due to the investment in clean green energy and government subsidies these are far more prevalent now and you’ll rarely pass a street now without at least one home with solar panels fitted.
Solar panels can be seen fitted to power street sign lighting and the concept of solar farms of solar panels is also  much more  common with these also visible from the highway.
All of these initiatives should be applauded but there is still more room for improvement.
Wind generator plans DIY to build wind power turbines are widely available but the take up of using wind power is not as widespread as that of solar. This is unusual as a wind power turbine can generate electricity day and night whereas a solar panel will only provide power during daylight. Solar panels it would seem have been marketed more effectively whereas small scale wind power turbines may have been overlooked.

Building a home wind turbine generator is much and less challenging and cheaper than building a solar panel. This is possibly  because wind power is not publicized as well for domestic use. You will notice a much bigger investment in wind power now by many governments because they work. Whereas a few years ago you would only have seen a wind turbine very occasionally they are now in evidence throughout many countries. Not just singly either, wind power is very much a big thing at the moment and wind farms where a  number of wind turbines are grouped together can be seen in many areas.
Homemade wind turbines were and still are very popular for use as pumps and these are now also being recognized as a clean way to generate electricity for many homes.  If you invested in wind power turbines you could get started easily for a hundred dollars or so depending on how much recycled materials you have available or could utilize.